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Born in 1985, János Oláh, attended the Budapest music school Antal Molnár from the age of seven and later joined the Bèla Bartok conservatory, which is also located in Budapest. After graduating, he began exploring the world, refining his very own style and bringing musical joy to a great number of people.

Engagements in cultural institutions or on board of the cruise ships of exclusive shipping companies for several weeks eventually led him to what is called light music. After the end of such an engagement, his clients often obliged him with a fixed, longer-term contract.

János Oláh loves to interact with his audience – asking for requests and paying close attention to preferences and the musical traditions of the respective people.

His current management has already organized some concerts in Germany and Western Europe which drew a great deal of attention.

János Oláh

The musicians

During the past few years, János has been recruiting hand-picked musicians for his five-member orchestra, with whom he performs in different ensembles. Whenever possible, e likes to perform with the entire team: his brother Csaba (guitar), his double-bass player Görgy, his pianist Ferenc, and Daniel, the master of the cimbalom, an instrument which plays an essential role in traditional Hungarian music.

With his magic violin and engaging personality, he wins everybody’s hearts in the blink of an eye – no matter whether playing solo, accompanied by recorded background usic, with his entire orchestra, or in a duo, trio, or quartet arrangement

Daniel, Cimbalm; Csaba
From left to right: Daniel at the cimbalom, Csaba on the guitar, János Oláh with the violin, Görgy on the double-bass, and Ferenc at the piano

The artists frequently travel to Germany or Western Europe to musically accompany concerts, company events, weddings, and other occasions.


Wedding LIVE – background music by solo violin


Audio samples by the ensemble

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